Chunky Crochet Cowl | Free Crochet Pattern

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Tweed Crochet Cowl Pattern

Crochet Cowl Materials

Tool: Crochet hook 8 mm. You can also use 9 or 10 mm. A threading needle.

Yarn: Adlibris Merino Soft & Quick in color Granite Tweed (2 balls)

Crochet Cowl Pattern Instructions

The crochet cowl is crocheted as a panel and then closed to a cowl by crocheting or seaming the edges together.

Step 1: Chain 52. Insert a single crochet (sc) to the black loop of the third chain stitch and continue inserting single crochets to the end of the row. Chain 1 and turn the work.

Step 2: Start the second row by inserting a sc to the back loop of the first stitch. Continue inserting scs to the end of the row except to the last stitch. Insert a sc to the last stitch through both front and back loops at the same time. Chain 1 and turn the work.

Step 3: Continue crocheting rows as in the step 2 for 19 more times.

Step 4: Seam the edges together with a large needle or inserting slip stitches. Cut the yarn and weave in the ends.

Enjoy your new crochet cowl! : )

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