DIY Polymer Clay Crochet Hook Handle

Tune your own crochet hook with a polymer clay handle! There are many beautiful ways to tune a plain metal crochet hook by using polymer clay. I got an idea to have a marble effect crochet hook handle and it turned out fabulous! Check out the instructions below how to make your own polymer clay crochet hook handle!

DIY polymer clay crochet hook handle
Crochet hook handle

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NOTE: Read and follow the package instructions carefully. Use only under adult supervision. Do not use flatware as tools.

Crochet Hook Handle Instructions

The DIY crochet hook handle process is easy:

  1. Model the polymer clay the way you want.
  2. Wrap this clay around the hook.
  3. Harden the crochet hook with the handle in the oven.
  4. Let the crochet hook handle cool and harden completely at room temperature.

There are many different polymer clay colors and types (for example glitter, leather-like or nightglow clay) and you can mix clays together. In this post I mixed white and black clays together to get a crochet hook handle with marble effect. I also made a pink marble crochet hook handle by mixing black, white and light pink clays together.

I started modeling the crochet hook handle by rolling white clay and then I added a small amount of black clay as a roll around the bigger white roll (resembling a candy cane). Then I just simply molded it so that the clay took marble effect pattern. You can see a picture of this step below:

DIY fimo clay crochet hook handle

I then rolled it as a flat panel (~2-3 cm width, ~10 cm length, depends on the hook length) and wrapped it around the hook. Then I put the hook in the oven at ~110° C for 30 minutes. (NOTE: Check the temperature and time from the package instructions. Do not heat over 130 °C or heat over time.) After this I let it cool at the room temperature. You can also finalize the polymer clay crochet hook handle (after oven) with gloss varnish to have glossy effect.

This was such a fun experiment and I will definitely try doing cute glitter handles as well. 🙂

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