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Crochet bralette top

Figure 1. Crochet bralette with lace edges.




Crochet bralette top

Figure 2. Back of the bralette.

The Figure 3 below shows the symbols and explanations that are used in this pattern.

Crochet symbols

Figure 3. Crochet symbols and explanations.

Cups and wings

Crochet the first cup as in the Figure 4 below. When you have finished the last row of the cup, start crocheting the wing part as in the Figure 5.

Crochet another cup and its wing the same way.

Crochet top cup pattern

Figure 4. The cup crochet pattern.

Figure 5. The wing crochet pattern.

Centre Gore

Join the cups with a narrow centre gore/bridge part. The Figure 6 shows the pattern for the centre gore.

Figure 6. Centre gore crochet pattern.

Top edge of the bralette and straps

Add the final touch to the top edge of the bralette by inserting crab stitches (reverse single crochet stitches) along the top edge. In this step, straps are also crocheted but instructions for the lace edges of the straps are presented later in this pattern post.

Start the crab stitch edge from the left wing (from your perspective) from the wing row number 25. Insert crab stitches along the edge to the right until you reach the top part of the left cup. Now, crochet the first strap: chain 132 and insert 131 slip stitches back to the start of the strap. Then, continue inserting crab stitches along the right edge of the left cup, the center gore and the left edge of the right cup until you reach the top part of the right cup. Crochet the second strap the same way as the first one. Finally, insert crab stitches along the right edge of the right cup and along the right wing part until the wing row 25. Cut the yarn and weave in the ends.

The lace of the bottom edge

The lace part for the bottom edge starts with a single crochet base row. Start the base row from the front side of the bralette: insert 113 single crochet stitches from the same wing row where the crabs stitches started but now from the bottom stitch. This way the lace is placed symmetrically to the bralette. After 113 sc stitches chain 1 and turn the work to start the next row (row 2 in the Figure 7 below). From this row forward, the instructions are presented in the Figure 7 below. Note that the pattern shows only three shells in order to simplify the pattern. The repetitive part is highlighted in the pattern and the final bottom lace edge consists of a total of seven (7) shells.

Crochet lace pattern

Figure 7. Lace edge crochet pattern.

The lace of the strap

The lace edge of the strap is crocheted using the same pattern as in the Figure 7 above. In the strap the lace consists of four (4) shells. Make sure that the lace edges point out from each other and not towards.

The Figure 8 below shows the stitch where to start crocheting the lace. Start the lace of the left strap from the stitch 12 counted from the top of the cup. Follow the pattern in the Figure 8 from the row 2 onwards (no single crochet base row). The lace covers 65 stitches and the amount of stitches in the tail of the strap is 54. The strap will not be attached to the wing by crocheting but the idea is to tie the strap to it with a knot. Of course it is up to you if you want to attach the strap but then the strap tail after the lace should be a lot shorter.

Figure 8. A sketch (a sketch indeed!) to indicate the amount of stitches in each part of the strap.

Start the lace of the right strap from the opposite stitch than in the left strap. This is because then the laces look exactly the same and they point out away from each other. Start the lace from the stitch 54 and it ends to the stitch 12 from the top of the cup.

Weave in the ends!

Use #laceedgebralette to share your creations on Instagram! Enjoy your bralette! 🙂


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