How to Make Money Crocheting (Online)?

Crochet is a beloved hobby that not only allows you to create beautiful handmade items but can also serve as a source of passive income. Let’s explore various ways to make money crocheting online! Are you already producing crochet content to your blog or social media but not monetizing it? This blog post is your sign to turn your crochet passion into profit!

How to make money crocheting

This guide focuses only on the ways to make money online with crocheting. This guide also applies to knitters as well so keep reading! Monetizing your crochet passion will give you passive income streams. You can earn even when you are asleep! How cool is that? Of course, why not also sell finished crochet items at craft fairs or on Etsy as well!


  1. Sell Your Crochet Patterns
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Show Ads on Your Website
  4. Collaboration With Yarn Companies / Influencer Marketing
  5. Make a Digital Crochet Pattern eBook

(*This post contains some affiliate links and I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post at no extra cost to you. Affiliate links are marked as *.)

1. Sell Your Crochet Patterns

Sell your pdf crochet patterns on your website or in other platforms such as Etsy, Ravelry or Ribblr. Once you’ve published your crochet pattern you can earn with it passively for long time! Imagine the happy dance you do when you get a purchase order notification!

A crochet top pattern
Breton Tank Top crochet top pattern that I sell in Ravelry and in Etsy!

2. Affiliate Marketing

Do you have your own blog where you share crochet patterns for free? (I had, for long time, until I discovered ways to monetize my crochet content.) With affiliate marketing you can promote products (yarns, tools, etc.) in your crochet patterns or in other contents. You can also use affiliate marketing in your social media accounts such as Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube etc.!

Yarn tip for any granny square top
My Pinterest pin example how I use affiliate links to promote products!

How does affiliate marketing work? Simply: add an affiliate link to the yarn you used in the crochet pattern. This link leads to a webstore where a blog reader can buy the yarn. If the reader buys the yarn through your affiliate link, you will get a small commission from the webstore. The reader will not be charged.

Find another example of how I’ve used affiliate marketing in my crochet pattern’s materials section. Check out some crochet related affiliate programs below!

Crochet Related Affiliate Programs to Apply

You can also reach out to your favourite yarn companies and ask for a possibility to get affiliate link from them!

3. Show Ads on Your Website

Does your crochet blog get a great amount of visitors? Another way to monetize your blog traffic is to show ads to the visitors via Google AdSense or Mediavine. They place ads on your website and you will earn money.

I suggest to start with Google AdSense if you don’t have massive blog traffic yet. Mediavine requires 50,000 sessions a month so this is for big bloggers. I suggest to publish more great and SEO optimized content to your website so that it drives more website visitors to your blog! How to SEO optimize your crochet content? Check my SEO tips:

4. Collaboration With Yarn Companies / Influencer marketing

Do you have decent amount of website readers or social media followers? You can reach out to yarn companies to suggest a collaboration with them.

How to collaborate with yarn companies?

  • Promote a yarn company’s products to your audience
  • Design a pattern for a yarn company
  • Educate your followers using a company’s products
  • Produce website or social media content to a yarn company

5. Make a Digital Crochet Pattern eBook

Have you already published a bunch of crochet patterns? Why not collect them together and publish as an eBook!


Monetizing your crochet skills online is not only a way to make money at home but also a fulfilling journey. As you have seen, the online world offers numerous possibilities to turn your crochet passion into a profitable venture.

Remember, the success will not happen overnight and I am still on my way to reach my passive income goals. I will for sure share my best tips with you so you can also make your crochet business dream come true!

Where to start now? I strongly suggest to start your crochet online business journey by producing quality content and crochet patterns on your blog and build online presence on your blog and social media accounts. Don’t worry, if social media presence is not your thing. It is not a requirement to make money crocheting but will definitely give you boost!

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